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Consolidated EWB
e-Way Bill Part B
e-Way Bill Portal
Regenerate Consolidated EWB

The e-Way Bill Portal provides the users an option to update the transportation details on the Consolidated EWB and re-generate the new Consolidated EWB. In case there is a change of vehicle due to certain circumstances, this option can be used. A reason for the justification of such a change shall be provided while updating the vehicle details.

Update Part-B of the EWB
Here are the steps to update Part-B of the e-Way Bill
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Update Part-B of the EWB
Here are the steps to update Part-B of the e-Way Bill
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Steps to Re-Generate the Consolidated EWB

  1. Visit the EWB portal

    Visit the e-Way Bill Portal and Log into your Account. Furthermore, navigate to the “Consolidated EWB” option on the dashboard and select the “Re-generate CEWB” option.e-Way Bill Portal - Dashboard

  2. Consolidated EWB number

    Thus, select the “Consolidated EWB Number” option against the “Show Consolidated EWB Info By” section.

  3. Enter the EWB number

    Hence, enter the particular consolidated EWB number in the respective field whose transport details you wish to update.e-Way Bill Portal - Regenerate Consolidated EWB

  4. Select the consolidated EWB

    Therefore, select the particular consolidated EWB whose details you wish to update from the list displayed to you.e-Way Bill Portal - Select Consolidated EWB

  5. Enter the required details

    Hence, update the following details in Part B of the consolidated EWB:
    1. Mode of Transport
    2. Vehicle Number
    3. Place of Change
    4. State of Change (Not Mandatory)
    5. Reason
    6. Transporter Document Number & Date (Not Mandatory)
    Hence, click on the “Submit” option.e-Way Bill Portal - Part B

Finally, once the application is submitted, you will be provided an option to print the bill if you wish to do so.

Print the Consolidated EWB
Here are the steps to print the consolidated EWB
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Print the Consolidated EWB
Here are the steps to print the consolidated EWB
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e-Way Bill Portal - Consolidated EWB

In case there is an error while uploading the details in the consolidated EWB form, an error message will pop-up on the screen.


What is the validity of the consolidated EWB?

The consolidated EWB does not have any independent validity period. However, individual consignment specified in the Consolidated EWB should reach the destination as per the validity period of the individual EWB.

What has to be done if the vehicle number has to be changed for the consolidated EWB?

The option to “Regenerate EWB” can be used to change the vehicle number to the existing consolidated EWB without changing the individual EWBs. This will generate a new Consolidated EWB making the old consolidated EWB invalid for use.

How to generate e-way bill for multiple invoices belonging to same consignor and consignee? 

If multiple invoices are issued by the supplier to recipient, that is, for movement of goods of more than one invoice of the same consignor and consignee, multiple EWBs have to be generated. That is, for each invoice, one EWB has to be generated, irrespective of the same or different consignors or consignees are involved. Multiple invoices cannot be clubbed to generate one EWB. However, after generating all these EWBs, one Consolidated EWB can be prepared for transportation purpose, if they are going in one vehicle.

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