e-Way Bill Portal : Generating Reports

The e-Way Bill ( EWB ) portal provides an option for its users to generate various reports to manage their business. Some of these reports are detailed and the others are summarized reports. The portal also provides the option to generate action based reports to its users. Given below is the list of reports that are available on the portal:

  1. My EWB Reports
  2. Other EWB Reports
  3. Master Reports
  4. Summary Reports

Steps to Generate Reports on the e-Way Bill Portal

  1. Visit the e-Way Bill Portal

    Visit the e-Way Bill portal and Login to the Portal using valid credentials.

  2. Navigate to the reports option

    Navigate to the dashboard of the e-Way Bill portal and click on the “Reports” option.

  3. Click on the reports

    Once you click on the “Reports” option, the drop-down list appears which shows us the different sections to this category.

My EWB Reports

This includes the list of e-Way Bills generated by the user for a particular date which also includes the following categories:

  1. Outward Supplies: This will generate the list of EWBs which have never been shown as outward supplies from the user for a particular date
  2. Inward Supplies: This will generate the list of EWBs which have been shown as inward supplies to the user for a particular date
  3. CEWB Generate By Me: This will show the list of consolidated e-Way Bills generated by the user for a particular date
  4. Canceled EWB: This will provide you a list of EWBs canceled by the user for a particular date
  5. Reject EWBs By Me: This lists the EWBs assigned by the user for Transporters for a particular date
  6. Part-A EWBs: This will provide us a list of all the EWBs with Part-A updated by Part-B pending for update for the selected date range
  7. Document Number Information: This will show the report on EWB’s Generated based on Document type and document number
  8. EWB About To Expire: Taxpayers or transporters can view the list of e-Way Bills about to expire in a time period of 4 days (From current date (T) then (T)-1, (T)+1, (T)+2). They can keep track of expiry dates for each of the consignments generated

Other EWB Reports

The “Other EWB Reports” consists of the list of e-Way Bills generated by the others against the user as the other party for a particular date under various categories which are as follows:

  1. Generated by the Others: This will list the EWBs generated by others for the user
  2. Rejected EWBs by Others: This will list the EWBs assigned to others by the user but rejected them
  3. Assigned to me for Transport: This provides the list of the EWBs assigned for transport to the users by others

Master Reports on the e-Way Bill Portal

This generates the list of master entries under the two separate categories:

  1. My Master’s Data: This generates the list of master entries created by the user under different categories namely Clients, Suppliers, Transporters, and Products.
  1. EWB Master’s: This will list the e-Way Bills based on the Unit Quantity Code and State Code.

Summary Reports on the e-Way Bill Portal

This option allows the user to view the list of all the EWBs generated by the user on a selected date along with the relevant parameters. The user can export the report in an excel by clicking on the “Export to Excel” tab.


Why are the reports of e-Way bill are available only for a particular day?

The user is allowed to generate reports on a daily basis. Hence, because of the criticality of the system for performance for 24/7 operation, the reports are limited to be generated for a day. The user can change the date and generate the report for that date. Hence, the user is advised to generate reports daily and save them in their system.

What are prerequisites to generate the e-Way bill?

To generate the e-Way bill, it is essential that the person is a registered person and if the transporter is not registered a person it is mandatory to get enrolled on the common portal of the e-Way bill before the generation of the e-way bill. The documents such as tax invoice or bill of sale or delivery challan and Transporter’s ID, who is transporting the goods with transporter document number or the vehicle number in which the goods are transported. 

Who all can generate the e-Way bill?

 Every registered person who causes movement of goods of consignment value exceeding 50,000 rupees in relation to supply, reasons other than supply or inward supply from unregistered person shall generate e-Way bill. It means, the consignor or consignee, as a registered person or a transporter of the goods can generate the e-Way bill. The unregistered transporter can enroll on the common portal and generate the e-way bill for the movement of goods for his clients. Any person can also enroll and generate the e-Way bill for the movement of goods for his/her own use.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @ViraajAhuja47

    Yes. All the registered persons under GST must register on the portal of e-way bill using their GSTIN. Once GSTIN is entered, the system sends an OTP to the registered mobile number, registered with GST Portal and after authenticating the same, the system enables you to generate your username and password for the e-way bill system.

    After the generation of the username and password of your choice, you may proceed to make entries to generate an e-way bill.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hey @HarshitShah

    The validity period of the e-Way Bill is calculated on the basis of ‘approx. distance’ entered while generating the e-Way Bill. For every 100 KM, one day is a validity period for the e-Way Bill as per rule and for part of 100 KM, one more day is added. For example, If approx. distance is 410KMs then the validity period is 4+1 days.