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The sub-users can be created using the same GST Number – GSTIN as that of the original user. The sub-user can use the same login credentials created originally and perform the same actions as per the access that is given to them. However, the sub-user is restricted from Rejecting any e-Way Bill.

Print the e-Way Bill
Here are the steps to print the EWB from the e-Way Bill Portal
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Print the e-Way Bill
Here are the steps to print the EWB from the e-Way Bill Portal
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Steps to Create Multiple Sub-Users on the e-Way Bill Portal

  1. Visit the e-Way bill portal

    Visit the e-Way Bill Portal and login to your account. Click on the “Create Sub-User” option from the “User Management” drop-down list.e-Way Bill Portal - Create Sub-User Option

  2. Validate details

    Enter the OTP sent to the registered e-mail ID/mobile number and click on the “Validate” option.e-Way Bill Portal - Enter OTP To Complete The Validation Process

  3. Sub-user availability

    Enter the sub-user name and click on “Check” to verify its availability.e-Way Bill Portal - Sub-User Name

  4. Enter the required details

    Enter the name of the user and their designation in the respective field. Additionally, enter their mobile number and e-mail ID.e-Way Bill Portal - Sub-User Details

  5. Place of business

    Select the place of business for which the sub-user is enabled to generate e-Way Bills.e-Way Bill Portal - Place of Business for Sub-user

  6. Available functions to the Sub-User

    Moreover, select the functions that are available to the sub-user on the EWB portal. Finally, click on the “Submit” option.e-Way Bill Portal - Functions of sub-user

The sub-user created will receive a password after the completion of the process. In case of any error, a pop-up message appears on the screen.

Steps to Freeze the Sub-User

e-Way Bill Portal - Freeze Sub-User Option


Why do I need sub-users?

The taxpayer or the authorized person cannot operate the e-Way Bill Portal on every occasion. In such cases, he can authorize his staff to do so. The main user can also create multiple sub-users and assign different roles to them. Moreover, this facility helps the main user to monitor the activities done by sub-users. However, the main user should ensure that whenever an employee is transferred or resigned, the sub-user account is frozen/blocked to avoid misutilization.

How many sub-users can be created?

For every principal/additional place of business, the user can create a maximum of 3 sub-users. That is, if the taxpayer has only (one) principal business place (and no additional place of business), he can create 3 sub-users. If the taxpayer has 3 additional places and one principal place of business ( ie 4 places), then he can create 12 (4 X 3) sub-users.

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