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The generator of the EWB can cancel the EWB if the transportation of the goods is not as per the details. Hence, it is important to note that:

  1. The generator of the e-Way bill can cancel the EWB.
  2. The time limit to cancel the EWB is of 24 hours from the time of generating the EWB
  3. It is illegal to use a canceled EWB
  4. It is not possible to cancel the e-Way bill after it is verified by any empowered officer.
Print the e-Way bill
Here are the steps to print the e-Way bill from the EWB portal
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Print the e-Way bill
Here are the steps to print the e-Way bill from the EWB portal
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Steps to Cancel the e-Way Bill

  1. Visit the EWB portal

    Therefore, visit the e-Way Bill Portal and log in to your account. Navigate to e-Way Bill > Cancele-Way Bill Portal - Cancel EWB

  2. Enter the EWB number

    Hence, enter the e-Way Bill number in the respective field and click on “Go.”e-Way Bill Portal - Cancellation Page

  3. Reason for cancellation

    Additionally, the selected EWB appears. Thus, provide a suitable reason for cancellation.e-Way Bill - Cancelled EWB Form


What is the EWB cancellation time limit?

The e-Way Bill can be canceled by the generator of the EWB within 24 hours of generating the EWB.

How to cancel the EWB after 24 hours?

In case e – way bill is generated but no movement of goods took place, it may be canceled within 24 hours from the time of its generation. However, if the same is not canceled within 24 hours, then the system would not allow the cancellation by the consignor. Therefore, in all these cases, one can request the recipient to Reject the e-Way Bill at his end in the common portal within 72 hours of its generation.

How to cancel EWB after 72 hours?

E-Way Bill under GST seeks that the details of e -Way Bill to be communicated to the recipient for his acceptance or rejection. Moreover, in the event of the same not being accepted/rejected within 72 hours, the same shall be deemed accepted. Hence, the time limit for cancellation stands on two points
1. Either it is canceled before 24 hours of such EWB generation but before it is verified in transit or,
2. It is canceled by way of a request to recipient to whom the communication about the generation of EWB has been communicated by asking to reject such e way bill wrongly generated but before 72 hours of such EWB generation.

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