AGILE Pro Form- Overview

Ministry of Corporate Affairs introduced the new form SPICe+. AGILE Pro (Form INC-35) is the mandatory linked form to SPICe+. A person who wishes to incorporate a company has to fill AGILE Pro along with SPICe+, MoA and AoA. In this article we will learn the significance and procedure to file Agile Pro form.

Purpose of AGILE Pro

AGILE Pro provides the service for application for following purposes:-

  • Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (optional)
  • Employees Provident Fund Organisation registration
  • Employees State Insurance corporation registration
  • Profession Tax (in case of Maharashtra)
  • Opening of Bank Account of company

Documents required for form

  • Proof of Principal place of business (if applying for GSTIN)
  • Proof of appointment of Authorized signatory for GSTN (if applying for GSTIN)
  • Identity proof of Authorized Signatory for opening Bank Account
  • Proof of Address of Authorized Signatory for opening Bank Account
  • Specimen signature of Authorized Signatory for EPFO

Details required for form

  1. Details of subscribers and directors
    • Name
    • Address
    • DIN/PAN
    • Mobile no and email address
    • Photograph
  2. State Jurisdiction (Sector/circle/ward/charge/unit)
  3. Center Jurisdiction (Commissionerate/ Division/Range)
  4. HSN Code and SAC code

Procedure to fill Agile Pro

After filling and submitting SPICe+ Part B, user can fill Agile pro form.

  1. Click on Agile Pro

    Click on Agile Pro form and start filling the details.

  2. Complete the details related to GSTN

    Select whether you want to apply for GST or not.
    Select the State jurisdiction and Center jurisdiction.
    Choose the nature of possession of the place of business and enter the appropriate proof of place which you need to attach in attachments of form.
    If you want to go for the composition scheme then select ‘yes’, otherwise ‘no’.

  3. Details related to business

    Enter the primary business activity of your business and the nature of work.
    Enter the HSN code/SAC code for the business. The description will automatically get filled.

  4. Enter the details of directors and subscribers of the business.

    You will require to fill name, mobile no, and email address. Also attach their photograph the size of which should not exceed 100KB.
    In the case of an Authorized signatory, you will also require to verify mobile no and email address by entering OTP.

  5. Enter the other details

    Enter the details police station, inspection office.
    Furthermore, select the Bank name you want to opt for the bank account of your company.

  6. Attachments

    Attach the required documents. Check the declarations and enter the date and place. Enter the DIN/PAN of Authorized Signatory.

  7. Proceed to submit

    First, click on the check button. After the check is successful, click on save. Now submit the form.

  8. Download the form

    After all the forms of SPICe+ are submitted, download all the forms.

  9. Upload and make payment

    Upload the forms on MCA portal. SRN will get generated for the forms. Now make the payment.

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Where can one find the State jurisdiction that is required to be filled in Agile Pro?

A person can find the State jurisdiction that is required to be filled in Agile Pro from the official website of their respective State.

Which date should I enter in the Agile Pro form?

Always enter the date on which you will get the form signed and get it uploaded on the MCA site.

Is it mandatory to get the registration for GST through SPICe+ form?

No it is not mandatory to get the GST registration for your business through MCA site. However it is mandatory to get registration for EPFO , ESIC and Profession tax. It is also mandatory to get bank account open for your company through this form.

Is it mandatory to file Form INC-35 (Agile Pro) with SPICe+ Form while incorporating a Company?

Yes, it is mandatory to file the Form INC-35 with SPICe+ Form while incorporating a Company. Agile Pro is the mandatory linked Form to SPICe+.

Got Questions? Ask Away!

  1. Hey @emmy

    AGILE PRO covers the following registrations:
    -GST registration -Registration on Employees Provident Fund Organisation
    -Employees State Insurance corporation
    -Professional Tax (only in case of Maharashtra)
    -Opening of bank account.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Hello @KKC

    Digital marketing and tech support are covered under business activity code 72 - Computer and related services.

    You can refer to the list of business activity codes here

    Hope this helps!

  3. Hey @Nader_M

    Since you have no employees, you can file a nil return with ESIC.

    For filing nil ESIC return, you can follow these steps, but make sure to use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer as the site is only supported in those browsers.

    1. Login to ESIC Portal
    2. From the “Monthly Contribution” tab, click on “File Monthly Contributions”
    3. Select the details like wage month, and download the “Sample MC Excel Template”
    4. In the Excel, enter the data if any.
    5. On ESIC portal, go to “File Monthly Contributions” and click on Upload Excel and submit the return.

    To check the status, go to “Monthly Contribution” > “View Contribution History”

    Hope this helps!

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